The Bitcoin Field Guide | movie threat

Bitcoin, NFTs and Cryptocurrency may appear like hieroglyphs, a mystery to the common man and the truth of the gospel to the believer. In a struggling world economy and rapid technological progress The Bitcoin Field Guide tries to help the viewer understand the enigma of cryptocurrency. Armed with an army of experts and years of data, director Darcy Weir invites audiences to witness the future of currency. So grab your notepad because this documentary may hold the secrets to understanding crypto.

The Bitcoin Field Guide breaks down cryptocurrency, primarily bitcoin, in a chapter-by-chapter format. The focus of the chapters ranges from the production and mining of Bitcoin to its use in a growing global market. But as the title suggests, this is your “field guide” to bitcoin. The film takes baby steps and addresses misconceptions about currencies, crypto and the overall market before delving into the lucrative ins and outs of a fully digital monetary system. It’s a lot of information fast, but the film uses creative animation and expansive data to introduce you to the world of cryptography in the simplest way possible.

…tries to help the viewer make sense of it Cryptocurrency Puzzles

Using a pantheon of early bitcoin investors and current financial advisers, the documentary crafts a narrative similar to GameStop: Rise of the Gamers† The brainchild of a young, hungry tech generation ready to slay the old lions of Wall Street with Bitcoin as their sword. It’s a romantic notion and appeals to any punk fan or outsider. Watching young investors discuss how Bitcoin is transforming the economy is truly fascinating, and the film does an excellent job of framing this narrative of global progress throughout the documentary. The Bitcoin Field Guide is at its best when embracing its next currency generation; these are the future roots.

Authors Ryan LaPlante and Darcy Weir seek to empower audiences through the power of crypto. However, there are many times that the film feels more like a sales pitch than a documentary. Like a stock-style weird-era selling point that seems a little too good to be true. Even if Bitcoin is the everything-everything-everything currency of the future, the documentary allows for little objectivity. The information is stellar throughout the documentary, but offers little skepticism from those distributing the information.

For the bitcoin devotees, this documentary is everything you have discussed or tried to explain to your friends for the last few years. For crypto critics, this film is another hearsay and could be an unintentional comedy. But for those who have not decided on bitcoin, this film will provide comprehensive information and satisfy your curiosity in an accessible format. Just remember that knowledge comes with a wealth of sales pitches to “enter the room”.