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I do:

  • A white crackle glaze
  • A “naked raku” (Sometimes called
    shelling or “white jade”)
  • A turquoise/copper luster glaze
  • A matt copper luster glaze
    which is very temperamental



 In the mid 1700’s a Japanese emperor put out a tender to potters of Japan to come up with a technique for making tea bowls for the tea ceremony which was more in line with the Buddhist philosophy of “the path of least resistance”. Meaning in essence that the creation of the bowls must have as much to do with the powers of the universe outside of human control as possible.

A clever young potter called Shajiro hit on the idea of taking red hot tea bowls out of the kiln while the glaze was still molten and covering them with combustible materials (probably dry leaves) and letting them cool in a very smoky atmosphere.

Raku practice has not changed much since then but glazes certainly have.


white raku outside